Hi all… so for safety, guidelines and group ethos. on all events please can the group organiser arrange where everyone can introduce themselves and feel part of the event and for everyone to sit together. it takes a lot for someone to turn up to an event alone. A little get to know each other first makes a massive difference and helps build the community and makes people feel welcome. Although this may seem a lot and we want as many of you to create as many events as possible..  but for safety and community purposes…when planning an event please include this information.
1. Location, time and date.
2. Maximum numbers (depending on event, the maximum number should not exceed 30 in the current climate). Admin will get an email as soon as event is created and we can go in and put a CAP on the RSVP section.
3. Child/dog appropriate or not
4. Difficulty level, distance and if there’s hills with (where possible) a link to the walk and ask all members to check this first so they are aware of what is involved. Please remember that what might be easy for some could be very difficult for others.
5. Wild camps… max 6 to 8 people or less depending on pitch, flat spots can be limited. see below for wild camping and swimming kit list.
6. No-one gets left behind. This is really important. However, all members must research the hike first and be aware of their own capabilities.
7. Although responsibility is on the individual, event organisers, please be aware that you will be the one that members will look to if they are struggling.
8. A group chat specifically for the event can be created. For GDPR do not share anyone’s number.
9. It is really useful to message those who want to attend 2 days before to double check they are still coming and then be able to offer their place to someone else if they can’t make it.
10. Please include as much information as possible eg.. correct clothing and footwear, if food and drink is required, parking charges and prerequisites  e.g.. this is not suitable if a) you haven’t hiked before. b) haven’t scrambled before
c) not good with heights
d)haven’t looked at the route or activity involved and read the safety briefs on the group under #safety.