By Published On: July 18th, 2021
What a journey it’s been so far! We started our first event with something local as a stepping stone. We all met up at Rutland Water for a walk around the lakes and a picnic, the turnout was amazing and the girls clicked instantly. Since then? We’ve all seen each other pretty much every week, it’s like we’ve been friends for years!
Liv and I always talk about our second event that we planned at Old Hunstanton beach in Norfolk. We tried to find an area in the middle as our group covers such a huge area to try to make it fair on all. I think when we created it we only expected a turnout of around 30 people but to our surprise we ended up with over 70 ladies all on the beach swimming, interacting, paddle boarding and so much more. The event still gives us a huge “I can’t believe that happened” feeling. Everyone was grinning and have asked for similar events since. It’s definitely one we will never forget.
Beach swims have now become such a big part of the group be it for new moon events, supporting Gypsy on her morning swimming challenge or just to all meet up and watch the sunrise. It’s really amazing how much comes from these events.
Recently eight of us took to the peaks to car camp overnight, it was a great experience. On the second day another lady from the group met us for a walk. We now have some big hikes planned for the next coming months with the girls and everyone is so excited, we even have our first camping weekends planned in including a wild camp site to get the feel before proper wild camping.
Not only is it amazing to have this community to do the big hikes and beach events with but also have a group of women to call upon locally. There were some local spots that I’d occasionally go to alone but now I’ve got a whole load of women to join me! We are experiencing nature and pushing ourselves all the time, trying new experiences such as paddle boarding and meeting during the week with ladies. There are so many things we can talk about.
Just seeing how everyone comes together to enjoy these adventures is so heart warming. How the girls interact and support each other is amazing, we’ve seen so many push themselves out their comfort zones. I really mean that because some girls were really nervous on their first event and have gone as far as setting up their own events! To sit back and watch these girls grow in their personalities and their confidence has truly been the best part of the journey for Liv and I. We couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of the ladies and our group meet ups would be nothing without them so thank you ladies for making our journey this incredible.
We are all new to this. Even though we weren’t as nervous meeting people it was scary to navigate a walk. We’ve still had to research kit and try to advise ladies as best as we can but we are all in this together and together we learn to become the best team we can.
Laura and Olivia xx

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