By Published On: July 6th, 2021

I hadn’t until we took a trip to Dorset!

Myself and Emma travelled to Dorset to meet some of the wild wanderers from there. We headed to Winspit caves on the coast to pitch up our tents for the night. Such a beautiful location! We were surrounded by caves looking over to the sea. Truly stunning and the perfect spot for a wild camp.

As we pitched up we noticed some people gathering in the cave next to us, thinking it was just some kids we lit our fire pit up, cracked open our wine to settle for the night. We didn’t expect what was about to happen.

We were approached by a couple who asked us if we were camping there for the night and told us they were having a bit of a party and asked if we wanted to join. We weren’t going to say no to a party so we headed over.

The cave was rigged up with lighting and professional speakers and there were fire performers! We had absolutely no idea this “party” was going to be a rave in a cave complete with fire dancers!


It was such an incredible night! It was so civilised, there was the most chilled vibe, everyone was so friendly and welcoming of us campers. We danced and laughed and enjoyed the fire show before returning to our tents around 12am Emma and I had a super long drive home back to the North East so sleep was essential!

We woke up at 7am and the party was still going! The performers where still waving their fire stick around and just having an amazing time.

We will forever remember

It was such an unexpected night but one that none of us will ever forget!

Our trip to Dorset as one of the most epic events so far!

Check out mine and Emma’s Tiktoks for the videos from the night!





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