By Published On: June 30th, 2021

On Friday 18th June I met up with Jenny and Kit in Snowdonia. We hiked up to a Lake on Y Garn and set up camp for the night, well hidden behind a mound. Weather was on our side this night in Wales but it was raining in most of the UK so we were expecting some bad weather but we sat out until 11.30pm making our dinners on the gas stoves, chatting and having a few drinks. We saw another wild camper arrive about 10pm who pitched away from us but the mountain was quiet apart from the midgies! In the morning after breakfast we packed up (leave no trace) and walked to the lake and at a warm 14 degrees it was very inviting so we

 had a nice swim and then back to the cars to head into the village for a second breakfast. We then headed to another lake where we pumped up our paddleboards and had some fun on them, dancing, headstands and just having some fun.

On Saturday night we met up with Laura who lives close by and she sent me all the info I needed for the weekend from where to park and which mountains to climb. Sarah also joined us as a last minute addition after I put a post out on the Friday saying there was some space. We hiked up Devil’s Kitchen and found a flat spot near the Lake at the top. It was a bit windier that night so no midgies! A few drinks later we got in our tents for some sleep.


On the Sunday it was just Jenny and me so we decided to climb the North Face of Tryfan. Jenny had done it before and we were adamant to find the Canon Rock. As there is no set route up the North Face it was a case of just head up where we could. It’s a tough almost vertical climb with no ropes. We found the Canon Rock accidently and had to take a topless picture on it (I don’t think we were caught!).. heading up to the top the weather looked a bit dodgy so i was hoping to summit before the rain came in. Adam and Eve are the infamous rocks at the summit that you can jump from one to another.. I chickened out because I am so clumsy and I know I would have over jumped and ended up falling off! Jenny jumped it. There was a group of University students there who made it look so easy but I’ll save it for next time! Heading down in our own fashion of not following the route and just scrambling down the side of the mountain.

We needed a pint after this so headed to the pub and met Hannah who as in Wales for another event that weekend. Watkins Path Waterfalls was our next stop and it didn’t disappoint! The water was so clear and we couldn’t wait to get in just to get away from the midgies! We then set up camp and had a drink with Hannah who left after to head back to her camp. The morning was the dreaded crib Goch. I’ve wanted to do this for years but heard so many horror stories so was a bit anxious. Again there’s no set route on the way up and when the cloud came down we really couldn’t see where we were going. We got to the top and Jenny went to have a look to see if we could see the ridge through the clouds!

Once on the ridge the clouds lifted and we had some amazing views. I really enjoyed the ridge and plenty of TikToks were made and we stopped for a snack. Again, heading down from Snowdon we just made our own route up and eventually got on the path to head back to the car. This weekend was amazing and so much fun. None of the walks were easy but in true Wild wanderer ethos everyone helped each other out and supported each other.


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  1. Sarah Caine
    Sarah Caine July 14, 2021 at 12:39 pm

    And a fabulous evening it was :) xx

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