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Summer is almost here! We’re leaving the dark, cold mornings and evenings behind and replacing them with sunrise swims and beach BBQ’s. Who else feels like a different person when those lighter nights hit? The sun shining in my window on a morning certainly helps me get out of bed!


With all of the events happening up and down the UK there will be something to get you out and enjoying the warmer weather. Did I mention were hosting a woman’s  only festival in July? Make sure you grab your ticket here and join us as spaces are limited!


Last year was an unforgettable summer which I’m sure for some of us will be a tough one to beat but with the growth of the group I know there will be some EPIC events! Remember to create your own too!


What was your favourite event from last year? Or what event are you looking forward to this year? We would love to know in the comments.


With everything we do comes a level of personal safety and we want you to get out there, enjoy the weather but also stay safe whilst doing it, so here are our top safety tips for the summer…….


  1. Mountains can be volatile, even in the summer. Please ensure you have fully researched your route, know your capabilities and have dressed appropriately i.e waterproofs, hats, gloves, footwear etc. Check the mountain weather before hand and don’t be afraid to turn back if it doesn’t look too good. The mountains will always be there for another day.
  2. Wild camping – It is illegal but tolerated in the UK to wild camp providing you follow these guidelines, pitch later in the day, camp high and leave no trace. Camps should be no more than 8 as to not draw attention and impact the landscape. No fires.
  3. Wild swimming – Know your limit, cold water can cause an after drop if your body is not used to it and can make you feel really poorly. Don’t stay in the water longer than you can tolerate. Unless super confident don’t go alone. The sea can be very dangerous, check the tides and make sure you have safety kit for example swim floats. You will know your own capabilities, if it doesn’t look, feel safe, don’t do it. For more info check out our cold water safety blog here 
  4. Paddle boarding – Still water is best, the sea can be a dangerous place to paddle board due to tides and currents. Stick to lakes and other still waters. Some lakes require permits so be sure to check before hand. Ensure your paddle board is fully pumped up and be aware when out in the water of your surroundings. wear a life vest if you’re not confident in deep water. Check depths of the water and any debris.

We hope you have an amazing summer!


Melissa & Emma

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