Are we setting the bar too high in our search for happiness?

Should happiness be the ultimate goal in life?

You may think yes of course it should but hear me out……. Happiness should never be the goal!

I know you’re shocked “but of course we should strive for happiness in life”

But let me ask you…. What would it take to make you “happy” and will that continue to make you happy no matter what?

Sit with this example….. when you have more money, then you’ll be happy

When I meet my perfect partner, I’ll be happy

But what happens when your lifestyle changes to your level of income then you need more money?

What happens when your perfect relationships goes through conflict?

We’re always chasing happiness and oftentimes say we’ll be happy when………..

We’re basing our happiness on things outside of our control which can lead to disappointment.

I don’t believe the ultimate goal in life is to be happy, because life isn’t linear, we’re not able to be happy all of the time because life throws shit our way all the time that will knock us off our happiness pedestal.

However finding internal peace is where it’s at. Which means no matter what life throws at you you can be at peace with it with a knowing that life will inevitably have its ups and downs. It’s how you respond to those downs.

I always look at the negative things that have happened to me as a lesson, are they painful in the moment? Absolutely and it’s ok to grieve things grieving and allowing yourself to feel your emotions is so important. Toxic positivity has become so influential lately, making us feel guilty for being upset or having a “mental health” day because we need one (and you don’t need a reason to take a mental health day either)  But we can work through and grow from our pain but also most importantly, learn from it.

Can you find some sort of peace in the mundane today? We get so caught up in our busy, fast paced lives we forget that there are some beautiful moments tucked into the mundanity of daily life. Can you be present driving in your commute and pay attention to how it feels to drive? Since most of us drive on autopilot and never know how we’ve arrived 😂 (we’ll that’s me any way)

Can you savour your morning coffee and really taste and smell it and enjoy it rather than sit sipping it while checking social media or emails?

Can we romanticise parts of our day a little so we’re finding moments of pleasure every single day, rather than waiting and striving for happiness to finally arrive in our lives because I can guarantee by adopting and choosing peace rather than searching for happiness, you will automatically become happier.


Much love and peace,


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